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The Author

Matthew Peck Lanier Chadwick

I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah and am the youngest of seven children. My mother remarried when I was young and soon added another brother to the family from my step-father. Religion has always been a motivating factor in my life. I was raised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and served an eighteen month proselyting mission as a young man for this church. I have served in many different aspects throughout my life. l credit many of my religious outlooks to my mother who has always been a pillar of faith in my family. I have always loved sports. I still enjoy playing basketball whenever I can find the time. I have also loved running, having completed seventeen marathons, many half marathons, and countless 5k’s. Family has always been priority for me. I raised ten kids, six natural and four adopted. I now have eleven grandchildren. I spend time not just with my kids, but with extended family as much as possible. He has run a successful business for almost 30 years doing remodeling and construction.

The Book

Healed in His Bosom

Life experiences bring us blessings. We can focus on life?s disappointments or we can dwell on positive moments and memories. You are about to hear stories of both. What does it mean when I say, ?into His bosom?? I did not know until one specific night; Sep 23rd, 2015 at 3 am. This is a very personal, overwhelming, and deep encounter. Some say that I should keep it to myself and share only as prompted. From many experiences and scriptural references I have studied, I have decided it is important to share. By relating this life altering moment, I hope that others endeavor to have the same opportunity to heal and feel the amazing grace and love I was privileged to witness.

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